Saturday, July 2, 2011

Student Saturday: The Family Under the Bridge - Natalie Savage Carlso

Publisher:  HarperCollins
Pages:  128
Genre:  Middle Grade Realistic Fiction

This review is by my student Evan.  These are his words so please be kind.

In Paris, France in abut the 1930's it was all normal for Armand Pouly until he found 3 kids and their dog.  He wanted them to live with him so they did.  The kids were talking to Armand about how they had always wanted a house for Christmas.  He took them to Father Christmas the next morning and he thought they meant a doll house!  After that the children were very sad.  Armand had an idea though.  Nothing to do with the house but a way to get money.  He told the kids to sing and soon enough they started to get a lot of money.  Then he had the money for some breakfast.  When they all came out of the cafe, Madame Calcet (The three kid;s mother) was upset because she didn't want to look like a beggar.  That night two ladies noticed the kids under the bridge and went to  all the police.  They all hurried away from there fast.  When they came to a fence over it were some gypsies.  Armand knew one of the gypsies so the family was welcome to stay.  Paul, Suzy, and Evelyn all noticed the house on wheels and then they reeeeeeeally wanted one of those for Christmas.  ON Christmas Eve one of the gypsies was telling them about the Christmas Eve party for hoboes.  Madame Calcet took this as an opportunity for the kids to get the "House on wheels" thing out of their heads.  Sadly it didn't.  Armand had no choice but he had to tell the kids that Father Christmas wasn't bringing them a house on wheels for Christmas.  Surely enough, they didn't get one next morning.  So, after they all opened other gifts a police officer came asking for a Nikki.  All of the gypsies were worried that he was going to jail.  So at that moment they all decided to move to Provence.  When they were all gone the Calcets and Monsieur Armand were still at the campsite.  Then at that moment the same police officer that came not too long ago came again.  This time he had a wallet.  he said that Nikki left it at a cafe and he was there to return it.  But since he wasn't there the police officer just left.  Armand then heard that there was a job opening at the Louvre so he went.  A man there named Monsieur Brunot included an apartment room for the job. so at the exact moment Monsieur Armand said "yes", he was no longer a hobo anymore.  This book reminded me of a place called Rossi Park down here in Florida.  Me, my dad, and my brother usually go down there to feed the homeless every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  We always had a blast and while I was reading this book, it brought back the memory of each and every one of those faces.  I would definitely recommend this book because it has a great plot and it is good for all ages.  I would give this book 8 out of 10 stars.

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