Saturday, July 30, 2011

Student Saturday: Positively - Courtney Sheinmel

The opinions expressed here are those of my student Samantha.

This book was very good!  It was like a T.V. show in your head.  I loved it!  Every student who loves sad stories, love, and friendship books should read it and I'll 100% guarantee that you'll like it.  This book is about a bright young girl named Emerson Price.  When she was four years old she was diagnosed with HIV-positive which causes AIDS and eight when her parents divorced.  She has had a rough time because when she was thirteen her mother died of AIDS. Now she feels like nothings the same without her mom.  She feels like the world stopped it's like she was nothing without her mom.
One part of the book she cuts her hair all the way to her chin and forgets to take her pills.  In another part she goes to this  amp and learns she's not the only one like that and at first she knew she would hate it but then she liked it.

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