Thursday, August 11, 2011

On Wings of Trust - Anna Dynowski

Publisher:  Write Words, July 2011
Source:  Review Copy from author in exchange for a review
Genre:  Adult, Christian, Romance

 From Author’s Website:
Izabella Golec  once stalked her art professor. She’s since channeled her energy into a thriving venture and into interring the man with the ebony hair and dark eyes into a remote chamber of her dead heart.
But when lucrative artist, Roman Ricci, shows up unexpectedly in town, books a room in her inn, and parks his easel and brushes there, her dead heart is revived…and so are the memories, both the shameful and the passionate.
Will a beautiful painting of love emerge on his blank canvas, or will the services of Harmony Village’s indomitable matchmaker, Cupid Cat, be needed?

My Thoughts:
This was a romance story full of one twist after another.  I kept wondering why Izabella and Ricci were married in such a manner t the beginning of the story.  Why was he so angry.  What had she done to make him react the way he did at their wedding.  I loved the way the author made the reader wait as the story was unfolded layer by layer.  Anna Dynowski is a master story teller.  You think you’ve answered one of your questions, only to be find you now have a new one.  I loved Harmony Village.  It has the feel of many small towns that make you feel warm and welcome.  They open their arms to all who enter.  This was the fourth book in the Harmony Village series.  It is a series I highly recommend, not only to those who love romance stories but also to those who are not real sure about reading romance.  The lessons from God were interspersed as reminders to the characters.  They were not a hit you over the head sermon.  I loved every aspect of this book.  This is one you need to read.

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