Saturday, September 17, 2011

Student Saturdays - Dovey Coe - Katherine Paterson

Student Reviewer  Kiarra
Genre:  Middle Grade  Realistic Fiction
Publisher:  Aladdin
Pages:  192

Dovey is a sassy little girl who lives in the 1900's and in the country.  She lives with mom, dad, brother, and her sister.  Dovey's little brother Amos is deaf but he is very independent and loves his dogs. Louise s Dovey's older sister and is very pretty, even the town thinks she's pretty, mostly Parnell.  Parnell is a big brat who gets everything he wants because his daddy owns most parts of the town.  Dovey hates Parnell because he's stuck-up and mean.  Dovey really hates when Parnell asks her sister to marry him.  Some day Dovey ends up in a store with Parnell on the ground dead and Dovey with a knife in her hands.  Right then and there Dovey is accused of murder.  Her parents have to hire her a city lawyer named Harvey who is very kind.  Dovey learns to really trust this man.  Harvey sticks with Darcy until the final judgement.  I really liked this book.  It's funny and also has a secret at the end.  I hate getting accused just like Dovey hated getting accused of murder.  I would recommend this book to people who like a little mystery, but also a little romance.

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