Saturday, October 29, 2011

Student Saturday: Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants

Student Saturdays are a way for me to showcase my student's book reviews.  Please be kind in your comments.  They are new at writing reviews.  Today's reviewer is Ruth.

The book was about this scientist whose name was Professor Poopypants.  The professor made an invention called Shrinky-pig 2000 which could shrink things. He also made a machine called Goosy-Grow 4000 that  made stuff grow.  Every scientific institution in the U.S. laughed at his name.  But, one day he saw that the school needed a scientist.  When he was there the kids just laughed at his name too.  A little later their teacher read the kids a story and the boys decided to make a comic book.  They printed their comic. Everything was okay until one kid left a comic in Professor Poopypants' class room.  He read it and thought his life was ruined.  He made a chart and had everyone change their name to a silly name.  When I read this story I thought about my sister's friend.  She had a funny name and when she introduced herself, everybody started laughing.  I really like the Captain Underpants books and would recommend them to all students because they are funny and have lots of action that kept me stuck to he book.

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