Saturday, October 22, 2011

Student Saturday: Every Soul a Star - Wendy Mass

Student Reviewer:  Mirielle
Publisher:  Little Brown Books
Pages:  336
Genre:  Young Adult, Realistic Fiction

This outstanding book is an exciting twist from your normal story.  The book is about three unlikely friends who come together at a campground in the woods far away from civilization.  They find themselves watching a very mysterious and unusual event that not many people get to see.

The three friends start with Ally who is a fun loving girl who enjoys nature and lives on the campground.  Bree is a very popular and gorgeous girl who wants to be a model (She really only cares about herself and only thinks about what she wants).  Lastly there is Jack who is an overweight kid just trying to get out of summer school by going to the camp for extra credit.  They all come together  for different reasons and would not have become friends under normal circumstances.  Ally and her parents own the campground.  Bree and her family are considering buying the campground.  Jack just wants to get out of summer school.  They all come together to watch an extraordinary event and become good friends along the way.  As time goes along and they are in different places will their friendship last?  Will Ally's parents sell the campground?  Will the weather make the owners cancel the festivities for the extraordinary event?  I guess you will have to read the book to find out.

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