Saturday, November 12, 2011

Corinthia Falls - Kim Hutson

Publisher:  Outskirts Press
Pages:  410
Genre:  Christian Fiction
Source:  I received this book from Bostick Communications for review

Summary from Goodreads
This novel is exciting, fast-paced, and a very quick read. The reader will enjoy the attention to detail the author clearly works to provide. The characters are all unique and interesting in their quirks and qualities that work together to make the book work. The two different factions offer different views into the book's final message, the reader is not forced to choose between the two. The ending is satisfying and conclusive, the reader will not have to lie awake wondering. The reader will enjoy the dysfunctional part of the novel, every once and a while a novel with no perfect back-drop makes for a really good read-and shows the author's skill. This novel is recommended for adults who enjoy reading about books that come together in the end. 

This is a book that is both thought provoking and humorous.  Too often in churches you have people "worshipping" separately.  There is no fellowship amongst them.  This book is told in two parts.  The first part is told from Tim's point of view, one of the many youth of the church.  The second half of the story is told from a writer who is working on a biography of Tim as a middle-aged adult.

Tim, most of the youth and the "regular" adults sit in the balcony.  He looks down on what he calls the "setters" and the "standers".  They are clearly divided.  The "Standers" are those who stand and raise their hands and shout.  On the right side of the church you have the "Setters" who sit to worship all the while shooting daggers at the "Standers".  

Enter a traveling evangelist, former Green Beret Colonel Pavlos Lincoln.  He observes the discord of the church.  When they leave the church he locks the church up and puts his dog, who look like a bear, standing guard at the front of the church.  The next Sunday they hold service in the parking lot. There can't be the 3 divisions of the church here.  We see the people begin to change and miracles happening.

In the second half of the book a writer, who is working on a biography of Tim tells the story.  Tim and his best friends, TJ and Anthony have been working as missionaries for the Colonel.  We see more miracles brought about and we see how God works in our lives when we truly let him and let go of the little things.  This was a wonderful book and I believe not only Christians will enjoy it but many non-christians will as well.

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