Saturday, November 26, 2011

Student Saturday: Soul Surfer - Bethany Hamilton

Student Reviewer:  Lucretia
Publisher:  MTV Books
Pages:  240
Genre:  Young Adult, Biography

This book was a book about Bethany Hamilton.  Bethany Hamilton is a famous surfer that had her arm bitten off by a shark while she was surfing.  Bethany had written this story in her own words which made it fun to read her own opinions.

Bethany Hamilton was the main character.  She has two brothers named Noah and Timmy.  Her parents are Tom and Cheri.  Alana was Bethany’s best friend and Ginger was her first pet.  The setting took place in many places.  Bethany lives in Hawaii and that is where the book started.  It followed her wherever she went, so when she went to New York for shows and interviews we went there.  When the family was in New York they decided to visit family in New Jersey.

The only connections I got from Bethany were when she surfed.  I felt the waves splash in my face almost, and felt the joy when she got to surf a wave in.  I loved this book.  Well, I think it’s because I love Bethany Hamilton.  This book was so well written it actually felt like you were there.  You can feel her feelings and I loved how I could agree with her opinions.

This book is definitely not for anyone.  The book talks about surfing all the time and there is a lot of surf talk.  Bethany is a Christian and all she does is look at the Christian side.  She respects everyone.

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  1. I remember hearing about this when it happened. What an inspiration Bethany is!!