Friday, December 30, 2011

4 Children's Books Reviewed

Queen Vernita Visits the Islands of Enchantment - Dawn Menge
Publisher:  Outskirts Press                   
Pages:  36
Source:  Review copy from publisher
Genre:  Juvenile Fiction, Adventure

This is a wonderful educational series.  Once again we visit with Queen Vernita.  This time she is inviting twelve of her friends to each spend a month with her as she visits the islands of Enchantment.  Captain Jeff, Queen Vernita and her friends spend the year experiencing the islands in many ways, such as fishing, learning about coral reefs and much more.  This is a very sensory detailed book as you see when one of Queen Vernita's blind friends visits the island and has to use her other senses to experience the wonder of the island.  Read the book and follow Queen Vernita as she takes the reader on another learning adventure.

Snowmen at Night - Carolyn Buehner
Publisher:  Scholastic
Source - Purchased
Genre:  Children's Picture Book

Have you ever wondered what snowmen do at night?  This cute picture book answers that question.  In addition to the wonderfully, charming pictures, you learn that snowmen love to do some of the same things human children do.  They do things such as: sledding, ice skating, snowball fights and many other activities.  Maybe that is why when we see a snowman the next morning they look a little disheveled.  Now we know why.

I Love You More Than Chocolate - Melanie Milburn
Source:  Review copy received from author for review
Genre:  Children's Picture Book

This lovely book came about because of a rhyming game the author played nightly with her daughter at bedtime.  They played the "I Love You More" game.  I think almost every parent plays a similar game with their children.  The daughter was inspired to turn the game into a picture book and even included a cd of the author singing "I Love You More Than Chocolate", in the back of the book.  Read the book and discover and share with your child how much they are loved, even more than chocolate.  Cindy Coleman has done an excellent job of illustrating this book.

The True Adventures of Tip the Catahoula Leopard Cowdog - Barbara Gourley
Publisher:  AuthorHouse
Pages:  28
Source:  Received a copy or review from publicist
Genre:  Children's Picture Book

The author tells the story of a pup given to her husband who was very ill.  The story is written from Tip's point of view.  Follow his story and learn his fears, adventures and lessons learned.  Learn about the life of a cowdog.  This is a book your child will enjoy reading over and over again.

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