Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Dolphin Way - Margaret Gillrie-Frasier

Publisher: AuthorHouse Publishing
Pages: 120
Source: Review copy from author
Genre: Animal, Adventure, All Ages, Science, Dolphins
Book Description from Amazon:
Representatives from all of the worlds' dolphin pods are on their way to their "Dolphin Olympics!" For Mattie and his friends it is their first time attending the famous event and their excitement is infectious. Challenges for the main character, Mattie, are quick to find him. While the thrill of his exploits will keep the readers turning pages, learning about dolphins, marine life, and so much more is made easy and fun. All of the facts have been researched with an eye on the educational curriculum that every child should know. The reader is allowed to learn as a secondary result but it is the story that will keep them from wanting to put the book down. "I think your stories are SPECTACULAR because I think you teach people around the world about dolphins and about friendship!" Zaynab from 20 B "When my class read The Dolphin Way, I have never seen such enthusiasm or passion for their reading. My class made t-shirts, bags, hats, etc. to support the cause of saving the dolphins. It was one of the most fantastic experiences of my teaching career. Chris Colderley Pauline Johnson P.S. A wonderful story about honesty, friendship, loyalty, mutual respect and understanding, The Dolphin Way cleverly illustrates how important these elements are to building and maintaining relationships with others. Young dolphin Mattie, is absolutely captivating as a character and draws the reader into his life and his adventures. Be prepared to be amazed at the parallels between dolphins and humans. A must read for all young readers. Joanne Walmsley-Shepherd Newspaper in Education Business Development Co-ordinator The Hamilton Spectator.
My Thoughts:
Through wonderful story telling the reader is taken on an adventure with the ocean’s dolphins. At the end of each chapter in this adventure you find fact nuggets about dolphins that enhance the story. You also learn abut the dangers dolphins face from nets. This is the story f mattie and his mother who are caught in a tsunami and separated. Mattie sets out to find his mother and his future destiny. There is so much wonderful information packed into this book. Since I live in Florida, this is the perfect book for me to put on my shelves for my student. I also received a similar book that had poetry written by students to go along with the story. Both are wonderful teaching tools and such a pleasure to read.

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