Friday, December 16, 2011

INSPYS Review: The Reluctant Prophet - Nancy Rue

Publisher:  David C. Cook
Pages:  496
Genre:  Adult, General Fiction
Source:  Received from Publisher for review for INSPYS

From Goodreads:
The first in a new trilogy from seasoned writing team Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn, The Reluctant Prophet shows how one person's response to God's call can change a community forever. Forty-something Allison Chamberlain is still halfheartedly trying to figure out what to be when she grows up. It's a surprise to everyone when she feels a divine nudge to buy a Harley motorcycle and go wherever it takes her. Soon Allison finds herself in the darkest corners of society, bringing home drug-addicted prostitutes and pointing out the narrow fears of her church group. Along the way, she learns the heartache of the very poor—and how healing can come through the voice of God and those who follow it.

My Thoughts:
Allison Chamberlain has received "The Nudge".  This voice in her head has told her she needs to buy a Harley.  Then the Nudge sends her on a mission to reach out to those most of us would not go near.  We travel with her as she begins to collect what the world would consider "undesirables".  You know the type, drug addicts, prostitutes, the ones that we would not give the time of day.  The main message or theme is "don't judge a book by its cover".  How many times do we look at someone and make a decision about that person without  knowing them on their story.  This is a reminder of what can happen if we truly listen to and follow God's calling.  I would definitely recommend this book.

About the Author From Her Website:

Because her name is easy to mistake with that of a certain blonde amateur sleuth in a little blue roadster, Nancy Rue often finds more name recognition than she expects. This is somehow fitting, because it was partly her childhood admiration for Nancy Drew – in the days when she read everything she could get her hands on – that made her dream of becoming a writer.
At first, daunted by the criticism of well-meaning high school English teachers, Rue majored in English at Florida’s Stetson University in order to become a high school English teacher herself. “There was so much damage I wanted to make up for in my own classroom,” she says. She earned her master’s degree in education at the College of William and Mary and returned to college at the University of Nevada, Reno, after eleven years of teaching English, to earn a degree in theatre. She and husband Jim founded Nevada Children’s Theatre, and Nancy taught high school theatre for five years.
Rue’s teaching experience fanned her dream of writing as she attempted to make writing more relevant and fun for her students. Every assignment they had to do, she herself did as well, and both her love for writing and her confidence that she could be good at it grew.
In 1980, Rue took a leave of absence from teaching and took on writing as a nine-to-five job. Although it quickly became apparent that she could starve to death that way, that didn’t stop her: she spent fifteen years getting up at 4:00 a.m. to write before going off to teach school, until she was finally able to pursue freelance writing full-time in 1995.
“I am living a God-directed life,” says the author: “doing what I was meant to do, what I love to, what allows me to give what I’ve been given. I spend as much of my time teaching, filling my well, hanging out with the people I love, as I do writing, and that has made all the difference."
Nancy travels the country speaking and teaching at schools, churches, home school groups, and for groups of ‘tween girls and their moms. She lives in Tennessee with her husband, Jim. Their daughter, Marijean, son-in-law, Brian, and baby granddaughter Maeryn, live in nearby Nashville. The Rues’ two yellow Labs share (and eat) Jim and Nancy’s home.
Rue has become a successful, best-selling author of books for ‘tweens and adults. Over her career she’s written more than 100 books.

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