Saturday, December 3, 2011

Student Saturday: Dear Dumb Diary: Can Adults Become Human? - Jim Benton

Publisher:  Scholastic
Pages:  144
Genre:  Realistic Fiction, Diaries, Middle Grades

Today's Student Reviewer is Lillian

Anyone who likes to read the Dear Dumb Diary series would like to read this book because it’s just like reading her life.  Jamie Kelley is a girl who is full of imagination and wonders about very strange things, like do teachers smile, fart, and think that when you become an adult you lose your sense of humor and dignity.  Jamie Kelly is at school most of the time.

“Can Adults Become Human?” is a book about a girl named Jamie Kelley.  She thinks that teachers, and adults aren’t human and if her dad only has one pair of shoes then he definitely isn’t human, which I think is ridiculous.  I totally loved the book.  She is so exciting to read about.  My friend is just like Jamie and the same questions pop in our heads, even if they are ridiculous ones.

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