Saturday, December 24, 2011

Student Saturdays: The Secrets of a Christmas Box - Steven Horn

Publisher:  Ecky Thump Books
Pages:  248
Student Reviewer:  Kiarra

It’s finally almost Christmas time.  The tree is set up with the lights and ornaments.  When all is asleep it’s time for all the ornaments to awaken.  Larry the snowman is a jolly snowman.  He can’t wait to spend another Christmas with Debbie a reindeer ornament who is his girlfriend and with his brother Terrence.  The only problem is, where is Terrence?  After searching high and low, Larry gives up until Splint a new ornament suggests they go and look for Terrence outside the tree.  Debbie is all against it but ends up going.  They have to figure out how to get past the army lights.  Even thought they know Tree Lord will be very angry they decide they will leave the tree at bedtime.  When all the ornaments are asleep.  The trials Debbie, Larry, and Splint face can’t prepare them for what lies ahead, the Secret of the Christmas box.  This book was funny and I love it.  I would recommend anyone to read it.  I connected with Debbie, I know how it feels to know something is wrong but still do it.

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