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Blog Tour: What's Wrong With Me? - Daree Allen

Publisher:  Kharacter Distinction Books
Pages:  200
Source:  Review Copy from the Author
Genre:  Young Adult/Self-Help

From Goodreads:
Premarital sex. Drugs. Dating violence. Dropping out of school. So many choices, good and bad, are available for youth in America today, and girls continue to be especially vulnerable. They often blame themselves for things that go wrong in their lives, even when it s not their fault. They ask, What s wrong with me?, or they hear, What s wrong with you?! and brace themselves for the denigrating comments to follow. It s a timeless theme: girls grow up in every generation struggling with self-esteem, confidence, body image issues, uncertainty about dating, and insecurity about their identities. Where do they turn for answers or role models? Friends and peers don t make for such great influences and mentors when they are floundering themselves. Images of women of color in the media (TV and music videos) reinforce an impossible ideal and lack of self-esteem. How do girls today make decisions that will positively impact their future and not become victims of their surroundings? How can they affirm their Christianity proudly and not succumb to the deteriorating values of modern society? In this empowering Christian self-help book, Allen weaves her memoir from 20 years of journaling with lessons that still ring true for girls today, about such topics as accepting their identity, adopting a healthy body image, dating relationships, dealing with toxic friends and family members, avoiding or delaying premarital sex, building self-esteem, developing a positive attitude, dressing for success, setting goals, spending money wisely, handling anger and depression, and embracing their singleness, discovering their life purpose, and keeping God first.

From Publisher:
In this part memoir-part self-help guide, Daree addresses the timeless issues most girls struggle with in adolescence, including:  accepting body image and dressing appropriately, handling feelings of inadequacy,dating and premarital sex, relating to family members, understanding personal finance, discovering life purpose, respect and personal boundaries.

The companion book, the What's Wrong With Me? Reflections Journal digs deeper into the contemporary topics discussed in the book What's Wrong With Me? that affect teen girls' everyday lives.  With interactive, thought-provoking workbook-style questions and fill-in-the-blank exercises, girls can openly and honestly record their thoughts and feelings to help them release tension and understand the world around them. The self-discovery, revelation and release will lead to profound fulfillment and start their own  life-long practice of journaling. 

My Thoughts:
I found it difficult to write this review.  The book was not a difficult one to read.  I loved it.  However, there is so much information in the book that I didn't want to give too much away.  I will say up front one thing that made me love this book is the way the author was very honest about things she did that she considered wrong.  No one likes to write about things that put them in a bad light.  However, since I deal with young people every day I believe they need to see us make mistakes and hear how we handled it.  Daree is not afraid to talk about her relationships.  It didn't matter if the relationships were with her family, boyfriends or through the church.  When she made painful, bad choices the reader is made aware.  They also learn from her what she should have done and how to handle situations like she had to deal with.  

She backs up her Christian beliefs with scripture.  You can find a list of it at the end of the book.  She has written a book for the teen who always feels there is something wrong with them.  That would be all teens and some adults.  She shows you why nothing is wrong with you.  You are the way God made you.  This is not preachy.  Instead, this book teaches lessons through looking at her mistakes.  I found so many things in the book that reached out to me and I'm in my early 50's.  I believe these lessons can and should be learned by everyone of any age.  This book most definitely needs to be read at a slow pace.

Meet the Author:
Daree Allen is a vocal introvert whose equally strong passion for the written and spoken word translates seamlessly in her blog, Daree's Insights, a collection of inspirations and reflections of personal growth, the blog explores such themes as singleness, spirituality, accountability, and youth mentorship.  The award-winning speaker and authorpreneur started a diary at age 12, and has never stopped writing.

In 2010, Daree was one of the top 100 winners of the Writer's Digest 79th Annual Writing Competition, in the Magazine Feature WRiting category, and Daree has been a contributing writer for several magazines and blogs including, The Dollar Stretcher, Hope for Women Magazine, Shuga, Coco & Creme and Clutch Magazines.

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