Saturday, January 21, 2012

Student Saturday: The bad Beginning - Lemony Snicket

Publisher:  Harper Collins
Pages:  162
Genre:  Middle Grade, Mystery
Reviewer:  Maddy

Imagine finding out your parents are gone forever.  Imagine how you would feel if you learned they died in a fire.  That is what happened to three children.  These children were from a different dimension, and lived in a very old and dull city.  The oldest is Violet who is fourteen, the second is Klaus, a twelve year old boy, and lat is a little girl named Sunny.  She is just two years old.

Mr. Poe is a family friend and tells the children the terrible news about their parents.  He informs them they are to go live with their uncle Count Olaf.  The children have never met their Uncle and are very scared to go live with him.

Olaf is a tall, skinny man with a tattoo of an eye on his ankle.  There is even an eye on the door of his house which is old and dusty.  Olaf is not very hospitable.  He gave them a room with only on bed to share.

Mr. Poe told Olaf about the children's fortune.  This act was very unfortunate for the kids.  Soon Olaf was trying many things to get to the fortune.  This becomes the plot of the book.  Many unfortunate events begin to happen to them as Olaf gets greedy.

I recommend reading this book and finding out what unfortunate events Olaf cooks up for the children. It is an amusing book with great detail and event after event.  It is sometimes very funny.  Sunny made me laugh at times  It is also a little sad.  I enjoyed reading it and hope you do too.  The book is part of a series.

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