Saturday, January 28, 2012

Student Saturday: Incredible Captures - Bill Morgan

Publisher:  Scholastic
Pages:  112
Genre:  Young Adult, Non-Fiction
Reviewer:  Autumn

Incredible Captures by Bill Morgan  the characters are John List, Bobby Comfort, Brinks Gang, Lauren, and Johnny Kon.  They all are criminals.  The crimes take place in apartments, cars, streets, hotels, prison and houses.

The biggest, sweetest, richest robbery ever was in a hotel by Bobby Comfort and some of his friends.  This robbery is listed in the top 10 robberies in America.  There were thousands of boxes with jewelry, money and of course diamonds.  they only took less than half of the boxes because they knew that someone was coming.  Bobby Comfort was only seven years old when he started to steal.  His mom wanted him to steal from his father when he was sleeping.  He stole for himself took and then did even more serious things.  John List's family was about to become homeless so then he killed everybody, even his kids, wife mom and brother.  The Brinks gang started robbing store then hotels.  Lauren started to do crimes by kidnapping a girl and the mother got her back.  Johnny Kon started to do crimes by robbing stores.

This book is about good, bloody, interesting and exciting crimes.  There are a lot of details and descriptions of people and things.  What made the criminals start to do these crimes?  What made them stop?  It' so interesting that I could not put down this book.

I think that this book is good and that if you like to watch Americas Most Wanted or mysteries and crimes, then I would think that you will love this book.  I read this book in less than half a day.

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