Saturday, February 4, 2012

Student Saturday: Love That Dog - Sharon Creech

Publisher:  Harper Trophy
Pages:  112
Genre:  Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction, Poetry
Reviewer:  Lillian

Anyone who likes to read poetry would like this book! "Love That Dog" is a book about a boy who hates to do poetry and thinks poetry is only for girls.  he thinks any words in short lines is poetry.  After a while Jack decides to write a poem about an old dog he used to have.  Jack is a boy who obviously doesn't like to write poetry.  He also worries a lot and doesn't like his name on the board if it's his poetry at school where he is mostly at all times.

My connection with this book is that I like to read poetry but don't like to write it, just like Jack.  I kind of liked this book because the topic really didn't grab me like other books I have read but I still enjoyed the time to read it.


  1. I loved this book! Now I want to read Sharon Creech's other book Hate That Cat! :)


    1. "Hate that Cat" was just as good as "Love That Dog".