Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Reading Thing is Here

Well it is that time of year again.  March 20th through June 20th is the time for the Spring Reading Thing hosted by Katrina at Calapidder Days.

I am looking forward to participating in the “Spring Reading Thing” again this year.  These are the books I have decided to read during this time.  I may change a few out as I get some in for review.  They are not in any particular order.  I have forty books on this list.  That averages out to approximately 3 books a week.  I believe this is very do-able.  I want to wish everyone good luck and good reading.

The rules are simple, I've copied these from Katrina's post here.

  • Create a list of some books you’d like to read or finish this spring.
  • Feel free to set some additional reading goals (such as reading to your kids two hours per week, getting through your pile of magazines, etc.). This is completely optional.
  • Write a blog post including the list of books you want to read and any additional goals you’ve set, and get ready to post it on your blog by March 20th.
  • Visit Katrina's blog on Tuesday, March 20th to sign up. She’ll have a Mr. Linky set up that morning, so you can submit a link to your personal Spring Reading Thing post, and it will be added to the master list.
  • Read! Work on your goals throughout Spring 2012.
My List
A Hearth in Candlewood – Delia Parr
A Long Walk to Water – Linda Sue Park
A Perfect Square – Vanetta Chapman
After the Snow Falls – Carey Jane Clark
Brainrush II – Richard Bard
Broken Wings – Alexandrea Weis
Cameo Appearance – Markee Anderson
Castigate My Sins – Elicia Clegg
Chantel’s Quest for the Enchanted Medallion
Child of the Mist – Kathleen Morgan
Curse oft the Shamra – Barry Hoffman
Dark Blonde – David H. Fears
Dig – Audrey Hart
Faith, Fireworks and Fir – Pam Hanson
Ghostly Tidewater Trilogy – Kath Russell
Into the Mist:  Silver Hand – Steve Finegan
In the Shadow of the Moonlight – J.J. Bidell
Just Breeze – Beverly Stowe McClure
Knowing the Truth About Jesus the Messiah – John Ankerberg & John Weldon
Lessons of the White Eagle -  Barbara Hay
Lifting the Wheel of Karma – Paul H. Magid
Love Me if You Must – Nicole Young
Missing Your Smile – Jerry Eicher
Open Minds – Susan Kaye Quinn
Precious Bones –Mika  Ashley-Hollinger
Promises – Carolyn Frank
Ravenstoke – Augusta Blythe
Rust – Glen Joshpe
Scary School – Derek the Ghost
Sea Change – Iain Rowan
Slabscape Reset – S. Spencer Baker
Spontaneous – Joe  Harris
Stealing Kevin’s Heart -  M. Scott Carter
The Flyers - Oliver Neubert (added)
The Light Bringer - Chris Digiseppi & Mike Force
The Pawn -  Steven James
The Ranch Next Door – Eiisabeth Grace Foley
The Secret of Lies – Barbara Ford Abate
The Silencing of Ruby McCollum – Tammy Evans
The Wanderers - Oliver Neubert (added)
The Write Honor – Anna Dynowski
Three Dreams Deep – D.F. Lamont


  1. 40 books?! I think that's amazing! Happy reading!

  2. Impressive!! Wow!! Good luck! :)

    Happy Spring! Have fun reading! :)

  3. Again, quite a list! Enjoy your reading!

  4. Wow, what a list! I have enjoyed all of the books in the Steven James series.

    Happy Reading. :)

  5. I hope you enjoy the Patrick Bower series as much as I did! Have a fantastic reading Spring.

  6. What an ambitious list! Have fun reading them :)

  7. Wow! What a list! Happy Reading! :)