Saturday, March 10, 2012

Student Saturday: Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life - James Patterson

Publisher:  Little, Brown and Company
Pages:  288
Genre:  Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction

Looking for a good book?  Well, when you finish reading this, pat yourself on the back because you just found an AMAZING and entertaining book to start and probably end that day.  Yes, 281 pages (yeah, that much entertainment) that you will finish in hopefully one or two class periods if there is time.  I'm not forgetting the teachers and adults, who are lucky enough to say they made it, and enjoy the middle school life of Rafe Khatchadorian.  Say it right you get a prize.  Not really (okay, I admit I even go myself excited) enough about how you'll love it, on to the details!

Middle Schoolers, you know what this is like...Adults are probably trying to forget those (at times) dreadful three years of the past.  Rafe Khatchadorian (cat-chu-door-ee-un) is one of you, yet creative, and imaginative, not like academic creative or imaginative.  He is in his own little way at times.  For instance, "dragon lady", his English teacher, Ms. dontanello.  yes to our friend Rafe she is dragon lady.  he also has the classic rfictional bully problem, he's Miller the killer.  don't even go thinking bad things about him in your head, just in case this dude has GPS and your address.  You read it righ, this dude looks like Popeye after a bucket full of beets.  Rafe's life does NOT usually go his way (more bad times than good), for example, think of your BEST idea ever going completely haywire.  That's his life explained in probably 10 words or less.  You'll also learn that he is a bad soda salesman, along with his talkative pal Leo, and like millions of kids in middle school, has a crush on a girl.  She is Jeanne, theprettiest human Rafe has ever seen.

Wow, I may have made you laugh a minute ago...Give me aminute I need to getmy laughs out from before...Wow you are missing SO much as I type!  get out of that chair or outta that desk and run to that library down the street! Or, ifyou don't want to get expelled, politely raise your hand and ask to go to that library at your school, where yous hould be about now if you listened.  If you really listened, you're halfway down main Street with the police on your tail.  Well?  Waht are you waiting for?  go ahead because Miller could eb tracking you down...Enjoy!

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