Saturday, March 17, 2012

Student Saturday: The Power of Six - Pittacus Lore

Publisher:  Harper Collins
Pages:  406
Reviewer:  Austin

The Power of Six was written by Pittacus Lore.  This book is a sequel to I Am Number Four.  The story starts out in Alabama at the point where the previous book ended.  Only six of the aliens that came to Earth on their mission remain alive.  The surviving aliens are allies that use their powers to each other.  John Smith (Four), Maren Elizabeth (Six), Sam and Bernie Kosar are running from the authorities and the Mogs.  Bernie Kosar is a chimera, a beast that can transform into anything.  The book is partially written from John's point of view as the three of them narrowly escape capture and death.

While on the run throughout the United States, John begins to miss his girlfriend Sarah who he had to leave behind in Paradise, Ohio.  After a while though he starts to develop feelings for for Six, which causes some tension between them.  They are continually in dangerous situations because of the Mogadorians.  Sam and John are on all the news reports on TV and in the papers, which broadcasts a high price for capturing them.  They are considered terrorists and they have to stay on high alert to keep form being killed or captured.

Meanwhile, the second point of view comes from a new character, seventeen year old Marina, also know as Seven.  She and Ella (Ten) are hidden away in Santa Teresa, Spain.  They both have been living in a convent for the past eleven years and their location is unknown to the Mogadorians.  Seven has constantly searched over the Internet for signs of the others during her time on Earth.  She finally managed to find John in America and tries to find out as much as she can about him.  She was receiving training for her mission on EArth but her trainer lost interest and she ends up on her own thinking she is no longer safe and may need ot move on.  Through her research she found out that Number One was killed in Malaysia, Number Two died in England, Number Three was killed in Kenya and Number Four was almost killed in Ohio, but narrowly escaped.  SEven and Ten are determined to help the six aliens still alive.

Six discovers a glowing orb in her treasure chest, which shows a picture of Santa Teresa.  She decides to go there and she finds Seven and Ten.  Seven discovers a glowing red orb in her treasure chest.  When she touches it she activates a tracking beacon which lets the Mogadorians discover her location.  The the Mogadorians blow up sections of the convent.  Seven and Ten treid to fight off the Mogs  and Six arrives just in time to help them.  Meanwhile, in a West Virginia cave, Sam and Four save Number Nine from the Mogadorians; base and take their stolen treasure chests back from the Mogs.

As a reader of science fiction, I found this one to be even more exciting than I Am Number Four.  I would recommend this book to anyone from preteen to adult and science fiction lovers because the story was packed full of action and suspense. I can't wait for The Rise of Nine to come out next!

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