Saturday, April 14, 2012

Student Saturday: 13 Treasures - Michelle Harrison

Publisher:  Little Brown & Co.
Pages:  355
Genre:  Middle Grade, Fantasy
Student Reviewer:  Kiarra

Tanya's mom is tired of Tanya's make-believe fantasies, so she sends her to stay with her grandma.  Tanya is mad because she is being sent to live with her grandma.  Especially because she really does see stuff.  She sees fairies.  While with her grandma Tanya faces old family secrets.  Some of the fairies are mean and some are nice.  IN her grandma's mansion lives Fabian her know-it-all cousin, Florence her granma, and Amos, and that's all.  She and Fabian discover secrets and passages in the house.  A pact Morweena Bloom and Florence made might cause Tanya to be stuck in the fairy realm forever.  I love this book.  I would recommend this to my friends.  I made a connection with Tanya because I don't like when my mom doubts me or thinks I'm making something up.

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