Sunday, June 17, 2012

Child of the Mist - Kathleen Morgan

Publisher:  Revell
Pages: - 336
Source:  Free download from
Genre:  Adult, Historical Romance

From Goodreads:
In the harsh Scottish highlands of 1565, superstition and treachery threaten a truce between rival clans. It's a weak truce at first, bound only by an arranged engagement between Anne MacGregor and Niall Campbell-the heirs of the feuding families.
While Niall wrestles with his suspicions about a traitor in his clan, Anne's actions do not go unnoticed. And as accusations of witchcraft abound, the strong and sometimes callous Campbell heir must fight for Anne's safety among disconcerted clan members. Meanwhile his own safety in threatened with the ever-present threat of someone who wants him dead.
Will Niall discover the traitor's identity in time? Can Anne find a way to fit into her new surroundings? Will the two learn to love each other despite the conflict? With a perfect mix of a burgeoning romance and thrilling suspense, this book is historical fiction at its best.

My Thoughts:
It was really interesting to see how something as simple as performing what we know today as CPR could have you branded as a witch in the 1500’s.  In this wonderful historical fiction book we get a look at the past and how far we’ve come.
If you are into Scottish history or you just love reading about feuding clans then this is the book for you.  To create a truce Anne is pledged in marriage to Niall.  It is not what she desires.  The one thing that neither of them counted on was falling in love.  But that is just a portion of the story.  Read to find out what trials they both must go through and how they handle it.

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