Saturday, June 23, 2012

Student Saturday: Perfect Girl - Barb Huff

Publisher:  Barbour Publishing
Pages:  160
Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction
Student Reviewer: Courtney

I read the Perfect Girl written by Barb Huff.  The main characters name is Jenna Rose Brinly who has a huge crush on skateboarder prodigy, Parker Blevins.  Along with band members, friends and acquaintances, they stand up to creepy stalker, Jamie Valetin.  When Jenna Rose doesn't do what Jamie wants, bad things happen.  I can connect with the book because, sometimes I feel like I've hurt somebody, but feel so bad that I couldn't face them for a while.  My opinion on the book is that I think it was great.  This book was just the kind of book that I enjoy.  Most of the story that I enjoy.  Most of the story happens in a high school, Mr.s and Mrs. Angelino's Pizzeria, and Jenna Rose's house.

I recommend you read this book.  It teaches that wanting everything to be perfect just pushes things away.  For example, Jenna Rose wanted everything when she finally got it, everything went wrong.  Her friends turned on her and she attracted the attention of people she didn't want.

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