Saturday, June 9, 2012

Student Saturday: Someone Named Eva - Joan M. Wolf

Publisher:  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pages:  200
Genre:  Middle Grade, Historical Fiction
Student Reviewer:  Mirielle

This story takes place during WWII.  The years are 1942- 1945.  It focuses on the life of a young girl in Czechoslovakia after Hitler takes over.

The main character is Milada who is turning 11 years old.  She is very brave and endures much tragedy.

The story begins with Milada living a normal and happy life with her mother, father and brother.  She goes to school and has many good friends.  Her life changes drastically when Hitler and his soldiers take over her town.  They separate the women and men and take everyone to concentration camps.  to make matters worse she is then separated form her mom and grandma and brought to a school that will teach her to be a good German girl.  She is lonely and very scared.

After the people in charge think she has learned all her lessons she is adopted by anew German family.  She lives with a new mom and dad and has  a sister and brother as well.  She is treated well enough but still remembers where she came from.  Each day she forgets more about her old life.  She got used to the new home but deep down still misses her old life and real family.  She was also given a new name.  She is called Eva and is a good German girl.  This book does come full circle but you will have to read it to see what happens.

This book was interesting but not the best I have read.  It was scary to see a glimpse of what was really happening during WWII.  It was long and a bit difficult to concentrate on though.  If you are into historical books you would enjoy this. book  If you are looking for an easy read you may want to go back to the book shelf.

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