Friday, July 27, 2012

Death at Willow Creek Mine - J.D. Savid

Publisher:  Outskirts Press
Pages:  126
Source:  Review copy from author
Genre:  Adult, Literary Fiction

From Publisher:
 After the death of their parents, three brothers arrive in northwest Nevada to live with their widowed aunt. In time, Aaron, the oldest brother, fulfills his dream of reopening their aunt’s historic old gold mine, where he runs the mill that processes the ore. The youngest brother, Hector, works underground, extracting gold ore. Nathan is the middle brother. Mentally handicapped but physically strong, he undertakes menial jobs with joy and gusto. He especially enjoys walking to the small community of Rabbit Brush for the mail, and to the community’s garbage dump. Hector is easily irritated by Nathan’s foolish and sometimes dangerous antics, and Aaron worries that this could escalate into violence. He works to keep both brothers in check, but eventually, tragedy strikes—resulting in the ultimate cover-up.

My Thoughts:

I would like to say I really enjoyed the book but I didn’t.  I can’t say it was a bad book because it wasn’t.  It was just slow. It was well written.  The story line  seemed to progress slowly.  There was definitely a lot to think about after you finished the book. The summary on the back of the book talks about the three brothers who have inherited the mine.  Aaron the oldest sees everything through the lens of the Bible.  Nathan the middle brother is mentally challenged and Hector the youngest works in the mine extracting the ore.   The summary talks about a tragedy and an ultimate cover-up.  You don’t find out what happens until the last couple of pages.  By then it was kind of a let down.  As I read I kept thinking about a slow lazy summer day that sapped all of your strength.  That is how slow the reading went for me.  I am sure that there are people out there who would love this book but it just wasn’t a right fit for me.  If I gave stars I would have given this three and a half stars.  It was middle of the road for me.

About the Author:
J.D. Savid has published several articles and written short stories in his writing career, and was an award-winning correspondent for the Humboldt Sun in Winnemucca, Nevada. Death at Willow Creek Mine is based on an actual historic gold mine that Savid inherited from his adopted father. Over a period of 28 years, he explored nearly all of the 2,000 feet of underground workings. Although it’s been inactive for 70 years, the mine is estimated to have produced millions of dollars in gold.

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