Saturday, July 28, 2012

America at the Tipping Point - Gary Frazier

Pages:  232
Source:  Borrowed from my mother
Genre:  Christian

"Books abound on the dilemma's facing America. We recognize America is in trouble. However, America at the Tipping Point is a fresh and bold word not only about the economic and political issues but also about the moral choices that have led us to the brink. How did we get here and what can we what Gary Frazier has to say and you will see " Tim LaHaye, Co-author of the Left Behind series "What a sobering reading experience. Dr. Frazier will rock your world and challenge you to make some changes in your world view." Pat Williams, Senior Vice President, Orlando Magic, Author, Extreme Dreams Depend on Team "Gary Frazier writes with passion and conviction and motivates like few people I know to live with a sense of urgency in these turbulent times. Read this book because you will be filled with hope and faith to make a difference in the world." Dr. Jack Graham, Sr. Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church "I have long respected Dr. Gary Frazier's prophetic voice, but his new training book, America at the Tipping Point, captured my attention as a patriot. In a day of white noise rants against our beloved country, many have prematurely trumpeted taps. Dr. Frazier has stepped up to sound reveille and lead us to action." Dr. Jay Strack, President, Student Leadership University Gary Frazier is a respected and recognized speaker and writer on the subject of Bible prophecy and current events. He is a former pastor and has traveled to Israel more than 100 times since 1971. Gary is founder and President of Discovery Ministries located in the Dallas Ft. Worth metro area. Gary holds both a M.A. and a Ph.D. from Louisiana Baptist University and was honored with a Doctor of Humanities degree from Liberty University. He has appeared on numerous television programs as well as speaking on radio nationwide. Gary and his wife Sandra reside in Arlington, Texas.

My Thoughts:
My mother asked me to read the book before she shipped it to my sister.  I sat and couldn't put it down.  This book looks at the moral decline America is unfortunately in and shows us how it is getting worse and going to continue to do so if we as Christians don't do something to stop it.  This nations was founded on Christian principles and we need to stand up for those principles.  Unfortunately as a teacher in the public school system I see the moral decline.  We teach tolerance and multiculturalism beyond what was originally meant.  We step on the rights of many for the few.  

Gary has done an excellent job of backing up what he says with the Bible and other resources.  He goes to great lengths to give a list of those resources at the back for further investigation.  One of the toughest  areas of his book was the section on abortion.  I can definitely see the parallels of desensitizing our nation to abortion and euthenasia with what Hitler and many others have done.  We give it a different name and put a little make up on it and pass it off as something less harmful.    I think every teen should be forced to read, along with their parents the section in the back on abortions.  If we did so we would maybe have less abortions.

This is definitely an eye opener and one I am glad my mother asked me to read.

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