Thursday, July 5, 2012

Student Saturday: Martin Luther King - Amy Pastan

Publisher:  DK Publisher
Pages:  128
Genre:  Biography
Student Reviewer:  Sophonie

The book I'm reading is Martin Luther King.  It is mostly about how Martin Luther King lived and what happened throughout his life.  This book talks about when King was young and he was an amazing reader and was the best baseball player in his neighborhood.  When Kind grew up he wanted to be a preacher just like his father, but instead he became the leader of African American rights.  When he grew up he went to Morehouse college.  He worked on Intercollegiate Council.  That means he works with a group to achieve racial justice.  He used to hate whites but his anger went away when he saw how well he worked with them.  This book goes on to when Rosa Park went ot jail and when King gave his speech.

I would probably recommend this book so the people who believe in peace also to people who has big dreams in life.  This book reminds me of when I was watching a video about a man that thinks he is useless but later on he became the richest man alive.  My opinion of this book is that this book is filled with loveand war at the same time.

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