Saturday, July 7, 2012

Student Saturday: Queen of Shadowthorn - Tony Abbot

Publisher: Scholastic
Pages:  128
Genre:  Middle Grade, Fantasy
Student Reviewer:  Austin

The Secrets of Droon:  Queen of Shadowthorn was written by Tony Abbott.  This book is number 31 in a series of books about the adventures of Eric Hinkle and his friends Julie and Neal.  Most of the story is in the imaginary world of Droon.  The children get from the the real world to Droon by going through a closet in Eric's basement.  There is where the adventures always begin.  The main characters are Eric, Julie, Neal, Keeah, Galen, and Salamandra.

In the beginning of this story, Eric loses his special powers of being able to read other languages and use silver sparks as magic.  This time the three friends work together to save Jaffa city from evil hand of Ko.  They encounter Salamandra who has returned from the future to help the four friends on this journey.  Meanwhile, Keeah, Neal, and Julie become trapped in a basement-like area and Eric and Galen have to find the silver thorn to rescue them.  The thorn had been lost by Salamandra on a previous trip to Droon.  To find it Eric and Galen travel to the upper (real) world.  It turns out to be hidden behind a book in the library.

When they finally return to Droon, they discovered that their friends had already escaped and were fighting Ko's beasts.  Eric and Galen helped them fight the beasts.  Eventually the beasts retreated leaving the group to celebrate the close call.  Eric then returned Salamandra her long lost silver thorn.  She explained to the friends that the silver thorn magically transforms into a land boat.  The friends take a ride in the land boat and end up in a fight with the evil Gethwing and his minions.  IN the end Gethwing and his minions are sent back in time and Eric still is waiting for his powers to return.

As a reader of mystery and fiction, I found this book to be even more amazing than previous book in the series, Escape from Jabar-Loo.  I can't wait to read the Special edition #5 that comes next in the series.  I would recommend this book to anyone for preteens and fiction lovers because the story was packed full of action and suspense.

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