Monday, September 3, 2012

A Sound Among the Trees - Susan Meissner

Publisher:  WaterBrook Multnomah
Pages:  336
Source: “I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for  
                this  review”
Genre:  Historical, Contemporary, Romance

From Goodreads:
A house shrouded in time.
A line of women with a heritage of loss. As a young bride, Susannah Page was rumored to be a Civil War spy for the North, a traitor to her Virginian roots. Her great-granddaughter Adelaide, the current matriarch of Holly Oak, doesn’t believe that Susannah’s ghost haunts the antebellum mansion looking for a pardon, but rather the house itself bears a grudge toward its tragic past. When Marielle Bishop marries into the family and is transplanted from the arid west to her husband’s home, it isn’t long before she is led to believe that the house she just settled into brings misfortune to the women who live there. With Adelaide’s richly peppered superstitions and deep family roots at stake, Marielle must sort out the truth about Susannah Page and Holly Oak— and make peace with the sacrifices she has made for love. 

My Thoughts:
I loved this book.  It has something for everyone.  There is the contemporary romance between Marielle and Carson.  Marielle has moved across the country to  in the house that Carson’s first wife lived in.  She is now raising his two children from that marriage.  In the mix is the grandmother-in-law who is the matriarch of the house.  Most of the people in the area believe the house is haunted.  Adelaide doesn’t.  She believes the house holds a grudge that affects the women in the family.  If Marielle is to survive in this new environment she must put to rest the ghosts, real or imagined, of this house.  She must discover the secrets that have kept generations in the dark.  I loved that the person who held the key (literally and figuratively) to those secrets was the one person most considered an outcast.  She was also the one person that I really admired.  She faced her ghosts head on. 

This is a book that I whole heartedly recommend to anyone who likes romances, the Civil War and it’s impact on families and a great mystery to tie it all together.

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