Saturday, September 29, 2012

Student Saturday: Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman

Student Reviewer: Sky

I recommend this book to people who enjoy exciting scary books, because it is scary at times.  In the book it shows thrilling events you just want to keep reading it forever.  The character's names are Ryan and Sarah.  Ryan gets hurt and his parents tell him that Sarah, his best friend caused him to get hurt.  That is why they won't let him see her .  Sarah sends Ryan these tapes and it shows them about this guy named Old Man Stiler.  Ryan sees this sign in the video and realizes his dad has a tattoo on his arm that is just like it.  Ryan gets clues from Sarah sends an email each night and gets him closer to the answer to everything until he figures it out.  You won't believe what happened

I really enjoyed this book because it is scary and exciting.  If you are like me, I recommend it to you.

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