Saturday, November 24, 2012

Student Saturdays: Latasha and the Little Red Tornado - Michael Scotto

Student Reviewer: Orbilia

From Goodreads:
Latasha and the Little Red Tornado tells the story of Latasha Gandy, a precocious and inventive third-grader who lives in Pittsburgh with her hardworking mother and a naughty puppy named Ella Fitzgerald. At eight years old, Latasha cannot wait to grow up. Ella, on the other hand, absolutely refuses to! When Ella's antics push the Gandy's landlady, Mrs. Okocho, to her wits' end, Latasha realizes that she must turn her mischievous mutt into a model dog. Latasha enlists the help of a classmate and neighbor, Ricky, in her efforts to train Ella. Their friendship grows as Ricky joins the girls on their adventures in the park. But after Latasha and Ricky have a falling out, Latasha decides to take Ella out on her own, a choice that proves to have grave consequences. At turns hilarious and heartbreaking, this tale of friendship and maturity follows Latasha as she struggles with Ella, school, and her mother's absence from home.

Student's Thoughts:
In the book Latasha and the Little Red Tornado, the mom works at this hospital and she loves that place.  Ella is the dog and she was named like that because it is the girl’s favorite singer.  There is a main character and her name is Latasha Esther Gandy. She is only 8 years old and now she wants to be treated as an adult.  This story takes place in Pittsburgh and it’s a little place.  It is also a favorite and really friendly place to live.  In this book, Latasha only lives with her mom and her dog Ella and she lives in an apartment with another Lady named Mrs. Okocho and the lady doesn’t  really like Ella.

Then she starts school and she meets this boy named Ricky and they would take Ella for a walk.  One day only Ella and Latasha go by themselves walking. For the first time alone and then Ella runs away and Latash is so worried.  Her mom was worried because Latasha has not come home.  Latasha and her mom look for Ella everywhere. She was no place to be seen.  This reminds me of my friend last year.  She loved her dog so much.  But, then one day it ran away and she never found him.  Ithink that this book is amazing and it has a wonderful lesson.  It is a funny and exciting book to read.  I recommend this book to my friends because then they will also know what Latasha had to go through.  Do you think that Latash and her mom will find Ella?  I think you should read this book to find out!!!

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