Sunday, December 2, 2012

Book Signing

Yesterday was a wonderful day.  I was one of nine local authors at “Mixon’s Fruit Farms” participating in a book signing.  Mixons is a half a block from the school where I teach.  I had several students show up just to show support.  A retired teacher friend and one of my students actually purchased my book.  Mixons has fresh fruit and gifts, a gift shoppe and cafĂ© with wonderful orange ice cream and a lot of fudge.  They give grove and wildlife tours, they  have venue rental space, and multiple events and festivals.  I will be participating in the Orange Blossom Festival in March.  It is a two day event from 9 – 5.  I was told that they have 10,000 plus visitors for it each year.  I will have a vendor spot.   I met some wonderful authors.  I’d like to tell you a little bit about my new friends.
Liam McAuley is the author of “The Musicians” and “Cake Eaters and Charlie McGuire”.   I have the privilege of  reading and reviewing his book.  I hope to have the review up in the next few weeks.

Shari and Marty Medley had two wonderful picture books.  The topic is alligators.  If you live in Florida you definitely need to read books about alligators, even the fiction ones.  Check out “Alligator Tail” and “The Adventures of a Lifetime”.

Mary Grant is the author of three Books “The Secret Keepers”, “The Truth Keepers”, “The Justice Keepers”.  These books take mystery and suspense to the next level.

Brenda Darnley Martin is the author of the “Treasure-Hunt Fish Book Series”
She is available for classrooms or parties including book-readings.  You can find her at  I will be reading and reviewing one of her books.

Diane Adams Taylor has written the book “Circles in Time”.  You can read the first chapter of her book here

Diane E. Robertson is an author, editor, speaker, and an instructor.    Her current books include “The Madcap Misadventures of Monica Mayo”,  “Coming Apart”, and “Adventures in Writing”.  She offers manuscript editing, leads workshops, and offers creative writing classes at our local community college.  You can check out her website at

Nancy Lee Hurley was my table mate.  She has two books out.  The first is her book “Close Encounters of the European Kind”. It is  about her life in Europe while her husband was on assignment there. Her second book is called  “Close Encounters with My Lord”, and  is all about relationships with God through the thick and thin.  I am happy to report that I will be reviewing her book within the next few weeks. 

There was another lady there with her therapy dog Regis.  I unfortunately did not get her card.  Hopefully I will see her at the next book signing on the 15th of December.

I really enjoyed myself.  Meeting and talking with other authors is a wonderful way to spend a weekend.  Check out these wonderful books by locals authors.  You won't be sorry you did.

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