Saturday, January 5, 2013

Student Saturdays: Big Nate Makes the Grade - Lincoln Pierce

Student Reviewer:  Torion  

From  Goodreads:
Nate Wright is known to his pals and teachers for many things, his penchant for mischief and his school record for detentions being the foremost. But beating out brainiac Gina's grades is not one of those things! In Big Nate Makes the Grade, the school life goings-on of Nate, his pals, and his long-suffering teachers are recounted in hilarious detail.

 Student Thoughts:
This book is really good.  The character in this book is Nate, Francis, Gina, Teddy, and Mrs. Godfrey.  Today was the first day of school.  Nate’s friends had seen him,.  When P.E. Was going on Frances kissed his locker.  IN class he was smelling his eraser and the sound he made was sssssnoft!!

The next day of school Nate had homework when he turned it in he had some soda on the paper.  Everyday Nate had homework he brings it back with something always on the paper.  Most of the stuff on  them is food or drink.

Nate and I are in the same grade.  That was the connection I had with the book.  I think Nate should be able to turn in his homework with whatever on the paper.  I will recommend this to my third period teacher Mrs. Stiles.


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