Friday, January 4, 2013

Teach Children to Read Faster:The Automatic Reading Teacher - Dennis Brooks

Publisher:  Dennis Brooks
Pages:  114
Source:  Review Copy from Author
Genre:  Educational, Reading

Dennis Brooks has come up with something that is not necessarily new, but something that works.  He shows the importance of teaching phonics to kids.  As a former elementary teacher, I remember teaching these to my students. True, this was a private school.  Today kids who don't catch on fast enough get passed over.  I loved the way Mr. Brooks shows the phonetic spelling before the correct spelling.  The progression from vowels to blends, to short sentences makes sense.  The instructions were easy to follow.  There is a section for working with gifted students as well as what parents can do to help them. 

Our math teacher asked for this book since he is working with his daughter.  He said he knows math but he needs all the help he can get with helping his daughter with her reading.  The funny thing is I've had this book review since probably May.  I thought I had posted it.  I found it this weekend in last years school calendar.  I called the math teacher and asked him if he had used the book with his daughter and if so how it had worked.  He said he and another teacher at school have the only two kids in their kindergarten class reading already.  He said it is because they spent this summer working with their kids using this book together.  Their kids are in the same kindergarten class.  I was really glad to hear that he thought the book was the reason the two kids learned to read so early.  It just goes to show that you still can't beat phonics.  I see the effects every day of kids who have not been grounded in phonics.  I have sixth graders who barely read at a second grade level.  I will definitely recommend this book to other teachers and parents.

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