Sunday, January 27, 2013

Three Books by Jeff Rivera

Jeff Rivera is one of those authors with a definite sense of humor.  When I received a request to read and review one of his books I looked it up on Amazon and purchased it.  When I learned there was a sequel and another book I decided to purchase them as well.  I was hooked by the title's, "Um...Mommy, I Think I Flushed My Brother Down the Toilet" , Um...Mommy, I Think I Flushed My Brother Down the Toilet, again: Return to Yuck Kingdom" and his third book was called "My Two Uncles".

His first two books were hilarious.  Falisha is a seven year old girl with a younger brother.  As everyone knows a younger sibling can often times become annoying.  Falisha's five year old brother wipes his snotty nose on her getting his booger on her, he gives her slobbery kisses and hugs and calls her Fasheesha.  She has had enough, so she flushes him down the toilet.  Mom comes looking for Jesse and learns what Falisha has done.  She demands that Falisha go down the toilet and get him.  Falisha puts on her rain gear and flushes herself down the drain.  She lands in Yuck Kingdom.  She realizes after searching for her brother that he isn't all that bad and that she misses him.  Eventually she finds them and they go back home.

In the sequel, She has had it with her brother and once again flushes him down the toilet.  Her mother sends her back to get him.  When she arrives in Yuck Kingdom she learns that her brother and several inhabitants called Slumpies have been kidnapped by the Toilet Paper King. Everyone is afraid of them.  Falisha gets them all together to rescue the Slumpies and her brother.  When they confront the king they become afraid to stand up to him.  However, Falisha comes up with an idea to save them all.
Maybe it is because I have a two year old grandson that we are trying to potty train that I find books about toilets and going to the bathroom so funny.  Maybe it is in reality that I have this weird side that has always loved things that were off the wall like these books.
I did really enjoy them as did my granddaughter Haylee.

The Third book I read was called "My Two Uncles".  This is a story of acceptance.  You don't have to agree with gay rights to understand and enjoy this book.  It is delicately handled.  This is the story of the author and his partner and the nieces and nephews that they have.  The book demonstrates that they are no different than anyone else when it comes to loving and doing things with their families.

About the Author:  You can read Jeff's Bio  here

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