Sunday, February 10, 2013

Three Children’s Books by David Chuka

The author David Chuka had read my reviews of another book and asked me to read the first book I reviewed below.  When I checked out his book I found three others.  I purchased them for my Kindle and read them and then my six-year-old granddaughter Haylee read them to her two year old brother.

Billy and the Monster Who Loved to Fart
Billy has a monster that is his best friend.  They do everything together.  There is only one problem.  His monster farts all the time.  There are two problems with this, they stink really bad and Billy always gets blamed for the stinky farts.  One day at school they  have a special visitor.  Monster lets loose the biggest and smelliest fart ever.  Billy knows he’s in trouble.  Read the book to find out how he solves the problem.  My granddaughter’s reaction to this book was, “I love this book it is so fun to read.”

Next she read :
What do You Call a Baby Lion? Amazing Photos & Name s of Various Baby Animals

The story starts off with a young boy explaining his mom had just had a baby and he wondered what baby animals were called in the animal kingdom.  You have a page with an illustrated picture of an animal.  When you turn the page you get a realistic picture of  the real animal, what they are called and an animal fact.  For example a baby lion is called a cub and lion cubs are born helpless and blind.  Haylee read the first two pages and exclaimed, “No Way! This is a non-fiction book, cool!” She read a page and then said the name of the animal and tried to get her brother to repeat the name.  It was wonderful watching them interact together with a book.
The last book she read was:
If You See a Doctor A Fun Rhyming Picture Book for 4-8 Year Olds

This book introduces kids to different types of people, doctors, taxi drivers, bankers and the things associated with them.  For example , “If you see a banker, Tell him you’re a saver.”  Haylee was able to read the words to this, but we had to talk about some of it.  She didn’t know what a saver was.  After we read it the first time she read it aloud a second time and tried to explain it to her brother.  He didn’t seem as interested in this book as she was.  It is definitely for 4 – 8 year olds.

I have to say that I am glad that the author contacted me to ask me to read and review his book.  I enjoyed them.  Most importantly my granddaughter enjoyed them.  I now have a bookshelf on my Kindle with my granddaughter’s name so that when she wants to read a book on it she can go to her shelf and pick a book from it to read.  David Chuka’s books are the first books she put on her shelves.  I am glad to recommend these books to parents everywhere.

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