Sunday, March 31, 2013

Children's Books Review

Wiggle Jiggle by Alan Dapré
 I gave this book to my seven year old granddaughter to read.  Here is what she thought of the book.  I thought it was surprising and fun.  I thought it had lots of funny things and new things.  I had never seen a bear wear a coat before.  I thought the funny thing was the bear was talking in funny ways, like rhyming.  I really liked the rhyming.  My favorite part was when she was wondering why the room was so dark and all of her friends jumped out and surprised her.

My Thoughts:
I loved the fact that my granddaughter re-read it again and again and just kept talking about it.  She felt sad for the bear when she couldn’t find her friends.  She was glad that they gave her a birthday party.  I love that she could find a book that one, she can relate to and respond to.  Secondly, I love that she found a book to read to me and to her two year old brother.

When Monsters Come Out to Play – Samantha Foster.

This was a really cute book.  My granddaughter and I read it together.  
Her thoughts:  
“I thought it was awesome because it had scary things and nice things and things that they can get along with, like friends.  I thought the nice ones were cool and even the mean ones.  My favorite monster was  the green monster  because he was grinning and his tongue was hanging out like he was mean but he was really being nice.  He liked to eat blankets.  It made me laugh because monsters do not, absolutely do not eat blankets.

My thoughts:  
I loved how bright the illustrations were and how the book rhymed.  It opened discussions about  monsters in the closet and what not to be scared of.  This was another of those books she asked me to put on her shelf on my Kindle.  Yes, each of my grandkids have their own bookshelf on my Kindle.  This way Haylee can read whenever she wants and there are books that she or I can share with her young brother Jacob.

Two by David Chuka

 Billy and the Monster Who Ate all the Easter Eggs – David Chuka

This was another wonderful book by David Chuka.  In this book  Billy and his best friend the monster  talk about all of the holidays they like.    Their favorite holiday is Easter.  Their dad comes in to tell them they are visiting their Grandma Chocolicious.  His grandma loves everything chocolate.  She makes chocolate donuts and other goodies for them.  In the middle of her kitchen is a pyramid of chocolate Easter Eggs.  They are told they can’t have any until Easter Sunday.  They go to bed and dream and think about the eggs.  Shortly after midnight they sneak down to the kitchen and begin eating the eggs.  They leave a mess and go back to bed.  The next day they hear shouting and remember the mess they had made.  They learn a lesson in “moderation”.  I loved reading this with my granddaughter.  She read most of it to me.  I loved being able to teach her a new word, “moderation”.  It was more fun listening to her use the word all day long.  When her brother grabbed too many animal crackers she took some back and said, “No Jacob, we need to eat them in moderation. That means not too often or too much.”  Her brother grabbed them back from her.  She shrugged and told me, “I guess he doesn’t understand the word moderation”.  I love books that my grandkids like and that teach lessons that are not to big.  They are taught in a way that a first grader gets it.  This is the fourth book by this author and will definitely not be the last.  I love his books and will recommend them to everyone I know with younger children.

Counting to Ten and Sharing My Easter Eggs – David Chuka
This is a wonderful, and colorful counting book using easter eggs and rhyming.  It has a simple message about sharing what you have.  In the book a young girl is given Easter eggs.  As she counts to ten she tells who she will share her Easter Eggs with.  Haylee liked this book because she could read it to her brother.  She said it was too easy because she already knew how to count to ten.  She read it then had her brother count the numbers with her.  I enjoyed the book because it was so bright and colorful.  We read it on my Kindle Fire which meant the pictures were very bright.  Once again, another great book by David Chuka to share with my grandkids and recommend to parents everywhere.

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