Saturday, March 23, 2013

Student Saturday - Pandora's Key - Nancy Richardson Fher

Student Reviewer - Colten 

Pandora's Key is a great book of a girl whose whole life is a lie to protect her. The characters in this book are Evangeline, Olivia, Smantha Haris, Juliette, Malledy, Tristin, Dr. Sullivan, Ralph, and Melia.

In the beginning of the book Olivia (Evangeline's mom) gets ill and imagines things that are not real, like her fair falling out and spiders all over her room. One day when Evangeline is at school, Olivia punches a mirror for no reason at all. When Evangeline got home Olivia was lying on the floor with a bloody hand and there was glass all over the floor. Evangeline ended up in the hospital answering questions for the doctor. That night the doctor took Evangeline to his house for the night. They went back early the next morning and found some people trying to murder Olivia! As soon as the murderers saw Evangeline they ran out of the room. Evangeline had recognized once face. It was her stepmother's, Samantha Haris.

A couple weeks later the whole city had been searched. Then Evangeline thought of something There was an old apartment building that no one would think to look. So she and her boyfriend (Ralph) went to the place. They searched the entire building but could not find Samantha. They were headed out the building when Samantha jumped out and draped a drugged cloth over Evangeline's face. When Evangeline woke up she was in a prison. Sometime that day Evangeline's best friend (Melia) came into the prison and tried to tell Evangeline what was going on. Evangeline listened. When Melia was done she told Evangeline she would get her out. She said that she drugged the guard outside so Evangeline could sneak by. She told Evangeline to meet her by the window outside the prison door. That night she snuck out and went to the window. Melia met her there. Melia opened the window and told Evangeline to jump. Evangeline looked down and saw Tristen (Melia's boyfriend) below her holding his arms out to catch them, so Evangeline jumped.

Once the three got away Melia explained to Evangeline that she was a descendant of Pandor. She also told Evangeline that she had the power to heal. Evangeline thought about this and started running to the hospital where her mom was. She ran into the hospital room and to her mom. She concentrated and started humming a song. Then she opened her eyes and saw that her mom looked perfectly fine and felt perfectly fine. She had done it.

Pandora's Key is a fantastic book. I had a connection to this book. My 5 year old neighbor died from cancer so I know how it feels to almost lose someone and also lose someone period. I recommend this book to people that are interested in Greek mythology. I rate it a nine out of ten.

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