Saturday, April 20, 2013

Student Saturdays: Middle School the Worst Years of My Life

Student Reviewer:  Ashley C

Please be kind.  These reviews are written by sixth graders.  These are their own opinions of the books they read.

Middle School The Worst Years of My Life - James Patterson

Rafe Whatchadorian is in sixth grade.  It's the first day of school and Rafe has a bully at school named Miller.  At home Rafe has a sister named Georgia, and his mom has a boyfriend named Bear.  That's how Rafe calls his mom's boyfriend.  But, Bear and Rafe don't get along with each other because they're always yelling at each other.  But, if I was his mom I wouldn't want my boyfriend yelling at my kid.  Rafe has a crush on a girl named Jennie. At school Rafe tries to act bad and gives himself points for every rule he breaks.  I think it's dumb for a person to try to act bad just to get attention from other people.  I really liked this book and hope you enjoyed my review.

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