Saturday, May 18, 2013

Student Saturday - The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar - Roald Dahl

Student Saturday is a day I post reviews written by other students.  The review that follows is written by Connor

This book is about a selfish billionaire that cares only for himself and does nothing but gambles. When he stays at one of his friend’s estates he finds a little folder and read it. The folder is a report about a man who can see with his eyes closed and sees without seeing. When he finds this out he takes the folder and immediately starts to practice. After three long years of training he can see with his eyes closed and he can do this so quickly he can read a person’s hand in less than four seconds. When he shares this new information with a friend he wants to go along with him. Henry agrees and they go off at once. They fly to casino to casino with whatever money they are not using for their project. When they have enough, the locations were set up and the construction began soon after the plans and money has been received. The years passed on and more and more places were built, and soon Henry died. The story came to be when his friends thought it was time to share the secret and what they did.

The story was amazing because it reminds me of “The Ghost Before Christmas”, because when Henry wins his first round of money he doesn’t want it so he throws it out and then he decides why not do something good for the community, and that’s how his mission became true. I recommend this book for people with warm open hearts and who want a good book to read with the family.

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