Monday, May 20, 2013

The Fallen Pharaoh - S.W. Lothian

Wonderful Middle Grade Book that not only entertains but teaches about Ancient Egypt. 

Wow!  This third book is absolutely awesome.  I read it in under two hours.  JJ, Linc, Rani  join together once again to meet their friend Khafre.  He has both bad and good news to tell them.  His father has died and he is to be the new pharaoh. They are there to visit and have a good time. They are not there to fulfill a quest.  Upon arriving they are told that Khafre's father has died and Khafre is to become the new Pharaoh. They get to watch both the funeral and coronation.  Khafre doesn't really believe his father's death is an accident.  Suddenly he is gone.  The team must come together to find the Ankh of Life before Khafre's brother becomes the new Pharoah.  Without the Ankh of Life there is no protection for the new Pharoah.  It is up to the kids to solve this mystery and find the Ankh.

There were a couple of things that really stood out for me. I loved that they were able to travel to Paris. I love the addition of Mr. M, the mummy they found in Paris.  I am definitely interested in finding out more abut Leesa and why she is following the kids around.  Most importantly I am excited to find out what happens next in the book.  The book is well written and is such an intriguing adventure you can't put it down.  What I really enjoy is learning so much Egyptian information from a fiction book.  This is one I can recommend to my Humanities teacher and will definitely have a place on my shelf.

If you aren't familiar with S.W. Lothian then you need to check him out.

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