Saturday, June 29, 2013

Balance - Nik Wallenda

Publisher: FaithWords
Pages: 224
Genre: Memoir
Source: I purchased it

Living in Sarasota my husband and I jump at the chance to watch any circus performers.  I've done book signings where we met other members of the Wallenda family, had members perform in our Christmas pageant,  or come to a school I taught at to perform and speak to our students at the conclusion of our circus unit.  The week before Nik Wallenda walked across the Grand Canyon I had the privilege of finally meeting Nik and his wife as he practiced at Benderson Park. I've heard people talk about how he was too important to perform for the lowly people or talk with them.  Well I am here to tell you that he and his wife are some of the most down to earth people I've met.  As I stood in line to have a picture taken with him I observed an act of kindness that was in no way put on for cameras. The cameras didn't see it.   There was an elderly lady in a wheelchair off to the side.  She'd been waiting patiently while her family stood in line to meet Nik. While members of his team were talking with the next person in line Nik walked down and stooped down next to her, took her hand and talked with her.  He autographed something for her.  He didn't make a big production of it or anything.  There were enough people around her that few saw this. He then silently made his way back up on stage.

There will be many who read his book and declare him a show off.  I sure hope so.  He wouldn't make it very far if he were not.  His book was a look back at his family's roots, and his path to where he is today.  I learned so much about his family history.  It was not always pleasant or easy.  There were always financial worries. Nik's work ethic was shaped by these experiences.  I definitely identified with a lot of that.  I have had a job since I was 13.  Nothing was beneath me.  I did what I had to do for my family.  I like Nik have a control problem.  Nik saw the effect of feeling like he had to be in control of everything including everything his family did.  It almost cost him his marriage.  With Nik's strong Christian background he had to learn to rely on God for that balance.  He can't be in control of everything.  He had to learn to let go and let God take over.  If you watched him on the walk across the Grand Canyon then you heard him talking to God.  This was not for show.  This is how Nik finds his balance as he walks.  He has the skills and talents that God gave him, but internally he has to rely on God for that balance.  I believe God gives me books to read when I need them. This last school year I felt like I had little control over things in my life.  I took on too much, had people wanting to know if I'd gotten their book read and reviewed, others who wanted to know if I'd finished the book I was working on.  School let out and I still felt things were not right.  After reading Nik's book I realized that I needed to look at my life and re-do and re-arrange things in my life.  I also needed to get my spiritual life back in balance.

There is so much you can learn from Nik's book.  You not only learn his family history, how he grew up performing and what he hopes to accomplish, but you get the sense that he is teaching you how to find your own balance.  Part of finding your balance in life is taking risks.  They don't have to be risks that are dangerous like Nik does when walking the wire.  Those risks may be simply putting your self out there in a situation.  My husband said the reason I did not start writing sooner was because I was afraid oI have to say that when I am writing I feel more balanced.  This is definitely a book I will read more than once and a book I will recommend to my friends and family.

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  1. Thanks for posting this Sandra! I didn't even know he wrote a book! It's going on my TBR list! I watched him walk across the Grand Canyon and heard him talk to God all the way! It was very inspirational!