Saturday, June 1, 2013

Student Saturday - Bullyville - Francine Prose

Student Saturday is a day I post reviews written by other students.  The review that follows is written by Kaylie

At first Bart was just a normal thirteen year old boy.  Well… sort of a normal thirteen year old.  His parents were getting divorced and dad already had a girlfriend named Caroline and all three of htem worked in the office (A.K.S the Twin Towers).  But then Bart had a high fever one day and his mom refused for him to stay at home alone.  Little did they know that it was the day that would change both of their lives.  ON the T.V. they saw it all and the buildings came crashing down. They then got a call from Caroline saying that he didn’t make it. Bart then becomes the miracle boy that saved his mother’s life. Yet, being famous doesn’t help the fact that he has lost his dad ad his world is turning upside down.

To make everything worse, in an act of kindness and charity, Bart is given a full scholarship to the local private prep school, Bailey well, or as he calls it Bullyville.  Everyone knows that kids go there to learn how to bully.  Bat learns this up close and first hand when the biggest bully ever is assigned to be his mentor.

I really could relate to this because my parents are also divorced, but my dad is not dead.  Bart never really talked to his dad and I don’t talk to mine either. When his dad called he refused to talk. I do the same when my dad calls.  His dad also texted him and he never answered them. I do the same with my dad.  I think it would be really cool if I could meet Bart just to talk so I know I’m not the only one just knowing how much we have in common is really interesting. Also, I started relating to Bart in the first chapter.        

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  1. Such a great review Kaylie.
    You seem to have an amazing link to the story. It's great when a book has such an effect on someone. You sound like you are very perceptive and your maturity shines through. Well done.
    I have no time for bullies at all, so I'm not sure that I'd like to be in Bart's school.