Thursday, July 11, 2013

Four Picture Books By Zoey Parker

Princess Katy and Drake the Dragon Take a Plunge
Princess Katy has very few friends.  Drake the dragon is her best friend.  Drake looks large and fierce.  He is actually just large and kind.  For being a dragon Drake has a lot of fears. He's afraid of birds and other things.  The one thing he fears most is swimming.  Katy decides to try to help Drake overcome his fear of swimming.  She has a party and invites some of the birds and bees that she knows won't make fun of him.  He flies away instead.  When he see show sad he's made Katy he decides to give it a try.  Once again the author has chose to teach a simple lesson.  In this case she is trying to teach children to face their fears and not let them stop them from trying something new.

Katy and Evan Learn the Golden Rule
Katy and Evan are brother and sister.  They both start out playing in their sandbox.  Each builds their own castle. Problems arise when Katy wants to borrow a shovel from her brother.  After all he isn't using it.  Her brother doesn't want to share it.  He decides he needs it.  As they fight over it they begin to stomp on each other's castle destroying them both.  Mother hears the commotion and comes outside.  She teaches them the all important lesson of the golden rule.  This is a rule that all children need to learn.

Princess Katy Meets the Tooth Fairy
This is a book every parent should read to their children.  Katy hates fruit.  Everyone in Citrus City eats their fruit and vegetables.  Katy refuses to and eats candy instead.  When her parents decide to make it a rule she can't eat candy any more she runs to her room and gobbles down all of the candy she has had stashed away for a long time.  That night the tooth fairy visits her.  She takes all of Katy's rotten teeth.  Katy runs to her parents and her dad tells her that she is lucky because she will have new teeth that are stronger grow back in.  However, he tells her she has to take care of them by eating healthy foods or they will rot again.  Katy learns her lesson.

Princess Katy Loses her K
Princess Katy is with her teacher, Merlin the Grey when he decides it is time that Katy learns her alphabet.  They go through all of the letters and they sing a song about them.  When it is Katy's turn to sing the song by herself she discovers the "k" is missing.  She searches all over the kingdom and discovers the cook can't cook because without the "k" he can only coo. The horse in his stall can't kick without the "k's".  When her mom kisses her goodnight she finds the missing "k" in the word kiss. and is able to recite her alphabet.

All four of these wonderful rhyming books are created for very young children and teach them valuable lessons.  These make not only great bed-time stories, but great read any-time stories.

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