Saturday, July 27, 2013

Student Saturday - Prince Caspian - C.S. Lewis

Student Saturday is a day I post reviews written by other students.  The review that follows is written by Nathan.

I really enjoyed this book. It had a lot of action in it! I highly recommend this book to fantasy readers because if you like a book that just grabs your attention and has a magical world, read this book! This book is about the Pevensie family returning to the magical and majestic world of Narnia. But in this case Narnia’s changed since the last time they were there. There was a war going on between Narnian’s and UnNarnian’s. The Pevensie family wanted to join the fight and fight for what’s right. Along the way they met a handsome, strong, and kind hearted person named Caspian, or Prince Caspian. The leader of the evil side was prince Caspian’s evil Uncle who killed Caspian’s father. So Caspian and all of the Narnian’s joined forces to defeat evil. But everyone’s wondering, where is Aslan? If you want to experience the excitement, read this book!

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