Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 3 Found Reviews

This is day three of reviews that I had finished at the end of the school year and misplaced.  Hopefully I will feel well enough to post the last four tomorrow.  It took me forever to get these up.  I'd type one and have to lay down.

Fart Book: Farting Pirates – Samantha Foster
 Peter had a problem with farting  all the time.  He got kicked out of school.  His parents tried everything to stop his farts.  They changed his diet but nothing helped.  Peter had to go to work on a pig farm.  He lost his job because his farts scared the pits.  He was lonely.  Peter met a group of pirates who accepted them because they were dirty stinky pirates.  Peter finds a way to use his farts to help his pirate friends.

This was a real cute book.  I’m not sure how I ended up with a bunch of books  about farts , but I can tell you that my grandkids love them. Want to find out how Peter helped his friends?  Read the book.

Kaity the Clown – Samantha Foster
 Kaity lived on a farm. When she acted like the farm animals they all laughed.  At school she would make animal sounds and make her classmates and teacher laugh.  This made her really happy. There was nothing she loved more than making people laugh.  When Kaity was in fourth grade they learned all about clowns.  This would become Kaity’s passion and dream.  This is a cute book about setting goals and reaching for them.

The Boy Who Farted and Flew to the Moon – Ivan Offolbot
Tommy is a young boy who loves to fart.  He is so passionate about farting that he gives them names.  His mom doesn’t like all of the farting and takes him to the doctor, changes his diet but nothing works.  Tommy decides to see if he can produce a fart powerful enough to make him fly.  He fills up on all of the gassy foods he can find puts on his helmet for safety and lets out the biggest fart he has ever produced.  It works.  He flies all the way to the moon.  There is a problem.  He has to get back to earth.  He meets an alien on the moon who feeds him all kinds of things to help him build up gas to produce another fart.  But, Tommy forgets to aim for the earth and ends up on Mars.  Now he has an even bigger problem.  I can’t wait  to read the sequel to see what the author does with this character.  It was great reading it to my grand-daughter.  It gave us the opportunity to predict what might happen in the next book.  Very cute.

Blueberry Bubble Gum – Mahamad Ali ElFakir
 Max is a young boy who has trouble following rules.  Not only does he not follow rules, but he lies to cover it up.  One day Max’s dad brings him a bag of magic blueberry gumballs.  He tells him he can’t eat any until they read the directions together.  They eat dinner and then Max’s dad has to go back to work.  Max decides to just sniff the gumballs, but he can’t resist and before he knows it he has eaten five of them.  He believes they will give him wishes.  His mom sees him with the bag of gumballs and asks if he has eaten any.  He lies and tells her he was just holding them. He get ready for bed, feeling a little guilty for lying to his mom.  Suddenly his stomach begins to hurt.  He farts out a large blueberry bubble that rips through his pajama bottoms. He yells for his mom who comes and tries to pop the bubble.  When she is unable to pop it she runs to the garage with him, telling him to hold onto the tree while she gets a tool to pop it.  As she is getting ready to hammer a nail into the bubble he farts again and the bubble is so big he floats away.  His dad arrives at that time and reads the directions.  He yells to Max that if he didn’t follow the rules he would be taken to Blueberry Bubble Gum world where he will have to pass a test if he is to return home.  Can Max follow the rules and pass the test to get back home?  Read this fun adventure to find out.  This is a great way to teach kids about the consequences of not following rules and lying.

Tom T's Hat Rack: A Story About Paying It Forward - Michele Spry
This is a wonderful book that I plan to read to my sixth graders at the beginning of the year.  By the time they finish their first unit they will have completed a service project of their own.  This is the story of a young girl given a summer assignment to write an essay about something they did over the summer that changed their lives.  Shelby spends each afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. T.  They have taken care of her since she was a baby.  She is excited to tell them about her summer assignment.  Mr. T is excited to tell Shelby about a project he wants Shelby to help him complete.  The catch is he is not going to tell her what it is until the end.  Mr. T is a cancer survivor and while going through treatment he realized there were no hats for the patients who had lost their hair.  He plans on building hat racks, delivering them and placing hats on them for the patients to take.  Shelby helps him and then creates a project of her own to go along with his.  This should be read at the beginning of each year to students of all ages.  The reading may be simple but the message is for all ages.

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