Saturday, August 31, 2013

Student Saturday - Nostradormouse by Chris Tinniswood

Today's Student Saturday is brought to you by one of last year's students, Riffatul.

Nostradormouse is a great book for all ages because it has no mature or inappropriate attributes in the book. Also, I would really consider this book to kids, mainly, and adults who love animals and want to know more about the world and how it all evolved.

The story all started when the Earth was at its youngest age. In The Great Woods, there was this grand tree that stood still and was lifeless. The animals in the Great Woods had no names and no knowledge of anything, but luckily knew how to communicate. Another conflict was that the environment had no seasons at all, so life was pretty hard. Then one day an elderly stag named Find came along a lake and met a salmon. Find said "hello" to the salmon and named him Fintan. The salmon was bewildered when he heard that, he also did not know that Find was "The Spirit of Wisdom". Find and Fintan shared talks, then the stag gave the salmon to do a veyr important job. Find then with his antlers, gave a shake and nine trees sprouted onto the ground. The stag told the trees to make hazel nuts and put them into the water so Fintan could eat them. So why eat nine hazel nuts? Why so important? Will somebody accidentally eat some of them? But most importantly, will The Great Woods become finally knowledgeable and be successful at last? These are some of the questions that will be answered to you, but only if you read the book "Nostradormous"!

My overall opinion for this book is that it is very good because of its great story and a twist to the famous Nostradamus, which I honestly like when stories are a twist in famous people or mysterious things. I honestly have one connection of this book, it really reminds me of Nostradamus (A famous person who predicted fatal tragedies for instance Hurricane Katrina and the Assassination of JFK), which I learned fro the History Channel. The main characters of this book is Nostradormous (protagonist), a young dormouse who unlocks secrets of the world, Find, the stag who literally is the "Spirit of Wisdom", and the young dormouse's parents, who yet don't know their names, will they? So please read "Nostradormous" and find out how the world evolved, fictionally!

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