Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Secret of Lies – Barbara Forte Abate

Publisher: Halcyon Moon Books
Pages: 330
Source: Review Copy in Exchange for my honest review
Genre:  Adult, Realistic Fiction

I think one thing that  made this such a great book was the ending came first. The story begins with Stevie, the main character leaving her husband.
We are taken back in time to the events that led up to Stevie running away.
Stevie and her sister Eleanor grew up on a farm.  They spent their summers with their aunt and uncle on Long Island.  They lived for this.  This was the first place I could identify with the characters.  It wasn’t Long Island for me but the weekends in town with my cousin was time away from the farm for me to enjoy.  The camping, etc.

Like all young people Eleanor and Stevie grew up and began to get interested in boys. Stevie meets a young deaf boy who gives her even more reason to look forward to going back to her aunt and uncle’s house each summer.  The year Stevie is 17 something terrible happens.  Stevie’s aunt convinces her that it would be best if she didn’t tell her parents the truth.  She needed to just forget about what happened.  Years go by and she has withdrawn within herself.  She doesn’t trust people anymore. The lie eats away at her. 

Finally she meets Ash Waterman.  He works on her family’s farm.  He knows how to reach her and she opens her heart to him.  But, sometimes the lies we keep inside become to much to handle and the only way out is to run away from the very people who could probably help us.  This is exactly what Stevie does.  This is a book I would recommend to everyone.  We’ve all gone through something in our life where we felt no one understood us or the situation.  This is a great emotional read.

About The Author
Barbara Forte Abate grew up in Millbrook New York, and currently lives in a creaky old house in Pennsylvania, where she makes up lies, doses them with truth, and titles it fiction. She is long time married to a very fine man, and is the mother of four fabulous children.
She is the award winning author of The Secret of Lies, and the newly released, Asleep Without Dreaming.
Barbara invites you to stop over and visit her website:


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