Sunday, September 22, 2013


Well it is finally here, the Fall Into Reading Challenge. You may open your books and start reading.
I am excited about this challenge. As of today I have forty-nine students who have signed up for this reading challenge.  They spent class time today pulling books from my shelves and making lists. Some of them have also checked with the school and public library to make sure they will be able to get their hands on books they want to read.  Several of them have asked if it would be okay if they read to their siblings for part of this challenge.  I had another student whose elementary sister joined in.  I require my students to complete book reviews each month.  They are excited because they are trying to read at least half of what is required for the year during this challenge.  Besides, if their reviews are really well written I post them on my blog on Saturday for Student Saturday.  I have enough reviews from the first required book review to take me through the beginning of March.  Any time I can get kids to read more it warms my heart. I will have two of my grand kids today so I can get some reading in with each of them. I had to go back and think about the children's books I wanted to read with them and add the to my list.

If you have any questions about what you should do to join this challenge please go here and here.
Remember the challenge goes from September 22nd - December 21st.

There is a Mr. Linky at the end of this post.  Please make sure you use it to link to your blog post containing your Fall Into Reading List.  Make sure it is a direct link to that post and not to your general blog homepage.  This will make it easier for people who top by to find your reading list. Please link back here from your post so that your readers can come checkout all the other participants in this challenge.  For those of you with no blog please leave a comment below in the comment section with your list of books. Make sure you leave a comment after posting your blog link.


  1. I am excited to get started on this challenge. Come join me.

  2. My list is up. I am really over shooting, so we'll see how well I actually do.

  3. I believe it is always better to set the goal high.

  4. I love hearing about kids reading! I've got a couple of young readers myself. =)

    I took a hiatus on the Spring Reading challenge, but am excited to participate this fall. Thanks for hosting, Sandra.

    Happy Reading, everyone!

  5. Read to them and with them. Have them set goals if they are old enough. My students are participating. I have two of them who have asked if their elementary brother/sister could join. Of course I said, "Most definitely" They gave me their sibling's list at school and they will be writing small reviews for me. I love getting kids to read.

    1. I don't read too much with my 7th grader anymore but I do read quite a bit to my 2nd grader.

      My older one has joined the challenge with me in the past, but isn't this time around (all the demands of middle school). She does keep a log of the books she reads each year and we are often neck and neck at the end of the year.

      Love that you're getting the younger ones interested in the challenge, too...I'm sure they'll look forward to having you as a teacher someday.

  6. I hope so. One of the highlights of my job is getting siblings. The first thing they want to do is check out my books. Often they have had the older brother or sister check out my books for them to read before I ever get them.

  7. I did a quick list too. And now I'm off to hop around and see what everyone else is reading.