Saturday, September 14, 2013

Student Saturday: Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

Student Reviewer is Kea

The book Goose Girl by Shannon Hale was a wonderful book. It was about Ani, the crown princess of Kildenree. She has the ability to speak to the birds and communicate with the wind. Because of her "odd" gift, her mother gives her crown title to her brother. When her parents die she will no longer be the next queen. She is sent to another kingdom to marry a prince she's never met. She has no idea her life will change on this journey.
this story is very suspenseful and you will feel like you are right there with Ani, facing the dangers and sharing her incredible gifts! This book shares about how love and unity are greater than wealth and relation by blood. Ani struggles with being independent and standing up for herself. In middle school we talk a lot about standing up for your self.  I think that if you enjoy fantasy books with lots of suspense this is a book for you. On a scale from one to ten I would give it a nine.

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